57th Annual Lebanese Dinner,Febuary 13th.

As you grow older you look back on certain events with a fondness that I really can’t explain. I grew up being friends with Gary Thomas. His parents,Mr Johnny and Ms. Sue had a houseful of kids and adopted all of their friends as their own. One of our biggest treats was to go to Gary’s house after school on Monday and wipe out the Sunday leftovers. This was my first exposure to Lebanese food. And to this day,it remains one of my favorites.

My Mother was also friends with Bodie,Helen,and Grandma Bodron and they always invited us over for Special Occasions. Grandma didn’t speak much English but she sure could cook.

My first two jobs were at Karl’s and I later moved down the block to The Hub,where Bill Monsour taught me the language along with enlightening me to stories about the food.

But the one event that was like Christmas to a fat kid was the annual Lebanese dinner at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church. My Mother had arrangements to buy leftovers for years. We’d get several plates during the day,then go back for pans at night. My Sister and I had more than one argument over the dividing. Somewhere along the way, Mrs Charles Abraham schooled her on making various dishes,and don’t tell her I actually said something nice about her but she has gotten pretty good.

I always purchase a few dinners and a box of pastries. One plate is just enough to wet my taste buds. And I always look forward to the event itself. It’s a “Signature Event” in Vicksburg! You see all kinds of folks!

This year marks the 57th edition of the dinner. It is scheduled for Monday,February 13th. Lunch is from 11am until 2pm.Dinner is 5-7pm.Tickets are sold at the door for lunch only. You can dine in or carry out.

Tickets are $13.00 and can be purchased from any Church member or by calling the Church office at 601-636-2483. The aforementioned sweets will be available as well.

Gary’s Aunt Rosalie passed away last year but his Mom will certainly be there giving supervision to the next generations of this Vicksburg Tradition. And I’ll be there too,I hope to see you there.

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