Hosemann requests significant budget decrease, increases revenue 2016 budget request less than 2009



Jackson, Miss.During the Legislative Budget Office hearing today, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann voluntarily requested an $845,434 budget decrease for Fiscal Year 2016.

“Our Agency consistently requests a budget decrease for the Secretary of State’s Office.  We don’t spend beyond our means,” says Secretary Hosemann.  “The money allocated to us every year belongs to the taxpayers of the State of Mississippi.  We work hard to spend it wisely.”

In addition to a voluntary decrease in budget, the Secretary of State’s Office is also reporting record revenues.  Last year, the Secretary of State’s office generated over $42,000,000 in revenues.  That is approximately $17,000,000 more than FY 2009.  These additional revenues are generated from tidelands leases and assessments, out-of-state business filings, and fines for violations of State law paid to our Agency.

“We run our Office like a business—your business,” says Secretary Hosemann.  “We cross train our employees, cut our operating costs, reduce rent, and streamline operations to save taxpayer dollars.  We believe in efficient government, and I believe our request proves it.”

The Secretary of State’s Office is also requesting no additional employees for FY 201

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