Vicksburg Police Conduct Drug Round-Up-Operation Cezar

The Vicksburg Police Department conducted a joint operation early Wednesday morning with the assistance of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi Department of Corrections, and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. “Operation Cezar (K9)” was organized to apprehend several individuals residing in the City and County charged with various felony charges. The charges range from sell of controlled substance, aggravated assault, and possession of controlled substance.

During Operation “Cezar (K9“12 individuals were apprehended during the round-up.
———- Operation Cezar (K9) ——–
Name: Brandon Jackson
Age: 26
Charge: Possession of Weapon By Felon (MDOC)

Name: Cory Johnson
Age: 30
Charge: Sale of Cocaine (3 Counts)
Name: Tyrone James
Age: 39
Charge: Sale of Cocaine (2 Counts)
Name: Jimmy Gray
Age: 54
Charge: Sale of Cocaine
Name: Larry Sykes
Age: 62
Charge: Sale of Cocaine (4 Counts)

Name: Amanda Harris
Age: 32
Charge: Possession of Methamphetamine

Name: Lawrence Ward
Age: 42
Charge: Sell of Cocaine

Name: Lorant Wells
Age: 40
Charge: Sale of Marijuana

Name: Sidney Brewer
Age: 33
Charge: Possession of Methamphetamine
Name: Fredrick Allen
Age: 26
Charge: Sell of Marijuana
Name: Bobby Taylor
Age: 45
Charge: Sell of Hydrocodone
The Vicksburg Police Department and assisting agencies are serious about getting drugs off of our city streets and out of this community. Drugs destroy people, families, relationships, neighborhoods, and the community as a whole. Young people in the community need to know that dealing drugs is not the way to go through life.

The toll that drugs have on a community is disturbing and the citizens of Vicksburg are fed up. Many citizens are reaching out to law enforcement about complaints of drug activity in the community. The Vicksburg Police Department is working with concerned citizens to address these complaints and concerns. We greatly appreciate the citizens taking the initiative to contact law enforcement about drug activity in an effort to help create a safer community.

As Chief of Police for the City of Vicksburg, I believe that when drugs are sold in the community it leads to an increase of crime throughout the community. I would like to encourage all citizens with information regarding drug activity to contact the Vicksburg Police Department. Any information that you provide will be looked into and your name will remain confidential.

The Vicksburg Police Department and assisting agencies were successful in locating 12 of the individuals being sought in Operation Cezar (K9). More arrests will follow

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